First Web3
Social Platform
where everybody earns
Turn talent into income
Decentralized Social Platform, where everyone profits from popular content.
Earn with Creators
Pillars of Peeps
Content Monetization
Revenue Sharing
Lifetime NFT Royalties
Create your public channel
Start a channel, grow your
community and earn with your
followers together.
Follower: Bet on a Creator to get a
fair share of the generated revenue.
Creator: Get a high ranking and
social proof to drive more sales.
Promoted by your community
Your followers/namestakers are
incentivized to drive your success on
any social platform out there.
Break free from centralized parties
Instead of sharing a cut of your
eanings with YouTube, OnlyFans
and alike - your #namestaker will
get it.
Access without private info
Web3 access - log in by using an
internet connection. There's no phone
number or email required.
NFT Marketplace
Mint, collect, flex, buy, sell, earn.
Create generational wealth with life-time
For Creators
Scale your popularity
  • Create public channels
  • Earn with subscriptions
  • Different “tiers” for followers
  • One-click NFT minting
  • Royalties on NFT marketplace
  • No middlemen
  • #NameStaking
Become Creator
For Everyone
Follow, stake
and earn
  • Get free content on demand
  • Bid without risk on the next viral creator
  • Benefit from lifetime royalties
  • Pay-to-view gated content
  • Tip your favourite creators
  • Buy exclusive NFTs first
  • Stay anonymous
Join Community
How it works
Get started
Connect your favourite wallet
How it works
Get started
Connect your favourite wallet
Get comfy
Design your channel and pick creators to follow
Get paid
Bid riskless on influencers to earn daily
Q4 2021
Q1 2022
Q2 2022
Q3 2022
Q4 2021
  • Legal & Corporate Set-up
  • Architecture design
  • Go-To-Market Influencer Campaign
  • Private sale
  • First platform prototype
  • Whitelisting announcements
Q1 2022
  • Mobile application development
  • #NameStaking functionalities
  • Public sale
  • Initial NFT offering
  • Token Generation Event
  • Initial DEX Offering
Q2 2022
  • WEB 3.0 Alpha testing
  • Partnership integrations
  • NFT Marketplace components
  • Private Beta testing
  • Decentralized content storage v.1
  • Public Beta release
Q3 2022
  • Staking and governance introduction
  • Deployment of dApp
  • Adding new features to the platform
  • Migration of content storage
  • Mobile app launch